“The role of higher education in the transformation to the green economy”

27-28 April 2015
The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands


Introduction to the network and workshop

Green growth is about changing the economy to become sustainable and eventually zero-carbon. Green growth has many definitions. Central to the concept is to make sure that economic growth does not harm the environment and climate. Economic activities should aim to enhance the environment and reduce greenhouse gasses.

The Green Growth Dialogue is the name of a new West Nordic-Canadian network. It is an importantpart of a much larger West Nordic project – the development of a new joint Master’s programme in West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management set to begin in August 2015. The first workshop will officially launch the new joint Master’s programme under the theme of “the role of higher education in the transformation to the green economy”.

We want to highlight dialogue between universities and the rest of society as a way of working together to find the best solutions and processes of creating a green economy. There are good opportunities for the Faroe Islands and other West Nordic countries to move towards green growth tailored to the specific needs and challenges of this region.

To get a better and deeper understanding of green growth, barriers and opportunities for the West Nordic Region, the University of the Faroe Islands together with partners from policy, business, and civil society, will take the first steps to set up a new West Nordic-Canadian network on green growth and a new dialogue forum.

Green growth is a relatively new approach (for policy and business alike) in the Faroe Islands, but there are a growing number of local projects and experiments developing. These projects and the rest of the Faroe Islands business community can benefit further from international knowledge and experiences, which is why it makes sense to team up with some of the strongest research communities in Canada within these topics.

Other workshops are planned to take place in the coming years in other West Nordic countries with themes such “nation branding and green diplomacy”, “scaling up experiments”, and “blue and green growth”.