“Sustainable Shipping in the West Nordic Region”

28-31 May 2016
Ilisimatusarfik – The University of Greenland


Introduction to the workshop

The Green Growth Dialogue is the name of a new West Nordic-Canadian network and a series of workshops in the region. It is also part of a new joint Master’s programme in West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management which began in August 2015. The Green Growth Workshop will also function as an intensive 5 ECTS points Master’s level course for the students in the programme WNS.

The third Green Growth Dialogue workshop in Nuuk will focus on the theme of “Sustainable Shipping in the West Nordic Region”. Greenland is perhaps the most challenged economy of all West Nordic countries due to its geography, demography, and developmental stage. This workshop will pay special attention to Greenland’s opportunities and barriers for green growth. Sustainable shipping represents a distinct challenge for Greenland and is central to Greenland’s development path – as well as the other West Nordic countries. Shipping is central to the fishing, transportation, and tourism industries, which the West Nordic economies are highly dependent on.

The workshop format is two full days (30-31 May) with a morning and an afternoon session on a specific topic. The workshop will also include a study trip in relation to the topic (28 May). The workshop sessions will begin with a key note presentation to frame the following dialogue, which will deal with specific questions and challenges and will mix the participants in groups, so people meet and talk with people they do not usually talk with. The first two workshops have had good feedback from this format. Furthermore, the host country will be able to present own cases, but it is expected that cases have broader scope and applicability in the whole West Nordic region. Canadian researchers will contribute with broader theoretical and empirical experience.

We invite public and private stakeholders to participate in dialogue about shipping, and we also invite young people and entrepreneurs to join the workshop and lead their own discussions on other themes not necessarily related to sustainable shipping, but broadly under the main theme of green growth.

The workshop will produce working papers for policy makers and provide feedback and insight to further research on green growth and the transition to a sustainable economy.