June 20th


ALL-Day Sightseeing Trip

(invitation only, subject to changes)
One of the main objectives of the Green Growth Dialogue sessions it to help foster networks and dialogue between actors. This year we will be going on a sightseeing trip that will also function as a field trip. We will be visiting the Environmental Agency plant school, be briefed on the state of affairs by the Faroese Agricultural Agency, visit lauded salmon producers Hidden Fjord and finally we will visit the Faroes' only functioning aquaponics system at a local public school.

We will, of course, also make time for you to take in the stunning scenery and we will also stop for a bite to eat.

You will not return to your rooms. Please bring your luggage and personal belongings.

07:45 – Taxi pick-up at rented houses and apartments.
08:00Environmental Agency plant school (map).
08:30 – Breakfast and Q&A at plant school.
09:00 - Departure for Agricultural Agency.
09:30Faroese Agricultural Agency (map).
10.30 – Departure to Vágar.
11:15 – Sight-seeing in Gásadalur (map) and Bøur (map).

12:30 – Lunch in Hotel Vágar (map).

13:30 – Departure for Hidden Fjord.
14.00 – Visit to Hidden Fjord (map).
15.00 – Departure for Løgmannabreyt.
15:40Løgmannabreyt public School (map)

16:40 – Departure for Gamlarætt harbor.
17:00 – Arrival at Gamlarætt harbor.
17:20 – Ferry from Gamlarætt harbor to Skopun harbor.
18:00 – Bus from Skopun harbor to village of Sandoy.
19:00 – Supper at Virkið (venue).