June 22nd


Dialogue Sessions - Day 2

(slight changes may still occur)
The Green Growth Dialogue is all about creating a space of learning and exchange of knowledge; a dialogue between different perspectives, approaches, and understandings of problems and solutions; an experience of inspiration and motivation to act. Day 2 will focus on the larger benefits to society of food security and sustainability in the Faroe Islands and the Arctic as a whole. We will also reflect on using this type of dialogue setting as approach to better prepare for next year's Green Growth Dialogue.

introduction to day 2

09:20–09:30 - Welcome and introduction with Lau Blaxekjær, Assistant Professor, Programme Director of West Nordic Studies.



The final theme is Larger Benefits to Society. What role does self-sufficiency and sustainability play in a contemporary Arctic, do these terms differ from a traditional understanding - how? How can Arctic and Nordic countries cooperate more when it comes to food production, how do we build networks and how can universities and industry cooperate?



09:30–09:45 - Aviaja L. Hauptmann, Post-doc at the University of Greenland: Setting up an InnoLab at the University of Greenland; what can the Arctic learn from Greenland?

09:45–10:00 - Benjamin Canning, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Growing North: What role can NGO's play in securing local self-sufficiency in the Arctic?

10:15–10:30 - Siv Gangenes Skar, Research scientist NIBIO: Consumer acceptance of aquaponics products, and producer acceptance of aquaponic production.

10:30–10:45 - Ragnheiður Inga Thorarinsdóttir, CEO, Samrækt: Lessons from EUaquaponicsHub and the role of the Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies (ACAC).

10:45–11:00 - Gilberto Arias, Consultant: Alternative and sustainable food production beyond aquaponics and hydroponics fit for Arctic communities.

11:00–11:10 - Introduction to Workshop #3 with Lau Blaxekjær: Self-sufficiency and Sustainability.


11:15–12:30 - Workshop #3, Larger Benefits to Society: Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability.

Group 08 - Headed by Benjamin Canning [Growing North] and Representative from [local sustainability NGO]: How can NGO's empower and engage with the community? How can NGO'S help bring together communities, education, industry and governmental agencies to solve pressing issues?
Group 09 - Headed by Ragnheiður Inga Thorarinsdóttir [Samrækt] and Siv Gangenes Skar [NIBIO]: How can alternative food production gain wider adoption in smaller Arctic countries and communities? How can initiatives such as the Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies help in this regard? What role does education play?
Group 10 - Headed by Gilberto Arias: There are limits to aquaponics and hydroponics – what other methods of alternative and sustainable food production should Arctic communities consider?


12:30–13:00 - Lunch, will be held upstairs.



13:00–14:00 - New Ideas & New Collaborations?

  • Option 1: Veltan, a local farming cooperate.
  • Option 2: Relax at the local café; Kafé Breiðateig.
  • Option 3: Walk around the cozy village of Sandur.

14:00–15:00 - Wrap-up and next steps.

16:30–17:00 - Ferry from Skopun to Gamlarætt